Things To Carry In Your Purse


Hey loves,

Has it ever happened that you are out of home and open your purse for some help but all in vain? Well, it happened with me all these years, unless made a checklist. I also promised myself that no matter what happens, these things have to be in my purse. Things that I am going to list down here will save you every time from all the embarrassment. So, here are few must carry things for you :

1.Safety pins – Trust me, this is so important. I realized it when I was out n I saw that my top is missing a button. This was embarrassing and desperately wished to go back home. Never mind !  So yes, now I don’t forget to carry this :p Not only this, safety pins will also help you just in case your shoe strap breaks.


2. Face wipes/ Tissues – You never know who you end up meeting at the end of the day. One has to be ready all the time to put the best foot forward. To solve that problem, Face wipes or tissues come to your rescue. Use it when you sweat, Use it to remove dirt or use it while you retouching your makeup. But make sure that you keep a good number handy and that too only soft facial tissues .


3. Compact – This one i would say is more important than a foundation. After a long day at work, if you want to meet someone just for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, All you got to do is pat little amount of compact powder on your face and you are ready to rock ! But for that to happen, you got to start carrying it in your purse. Not to forget it also has a mirror. So yeah, it saves you from all the petty problems.

4. Lip shades- Carry a shade of your most favorite lipstick in your purse. There have been times that I’m eating and sipping my drinks and my lipstick just vanishes and that is when I take my lipstick out and apply it with Elan !!! Not just this, you never know when you need to go for a sudden plan. Prepare yourself well in advance by carrying your all time fav lippy in your purse.



  1. Band aid- Never underestimate your shoes, for they might bite you!!! I remember this one time when I had a shoe-bite when I was partying in my new heels, that pain still scares me. Wearing heels and not carrying band-aids; Nope, not possible.

    6. Perfume – “a woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future –Chanel”. That’s very assertive of her! But yea, I totally agree. No matter what time of the day it is, a women should always smell her best. And hence, always keep a tiny bottle of perfume in your bag. What you can do is, Every time you buy your favorite fragrance, ask for the testers of the same. I have been doing this since ages. These tiny tester bottles of perfumes will fit properly in your purse and saves you from the embarrassment of foul smell. Do Carry these and you can hug the most handsome guy without thinking twice about it.

    7. Mouth freshener or chewing gums – Not just your body but you mouth should be smelling good too. Its more like personal hygiene thing, I would say. By the way, chewing Gums is also a good facial exercise . Now you have one more reason carry chewing gums.

    Ladies, these are the essentials which are must carry while going out to work or a party or just like that. These basic things will ensure that you face the world with your biggest smile.





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