There are few styles which are bound to catch your attention and there could be two reasons behind it : Either it is way too classic or It is absolutely horrendous. And then there is the Third one, styles which do receive the flak from the regulars or commoners as this fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea. One such style which got my heart this time around is Priyanka Chopra trench coat which has the longest train ever !!! The Trench coat with the longest train worn by Priyanka Chopra at the Met Gala Red carpet not only caught the eye balls but it has surely re-launched a new fashion fad.


The idea of Train dresses go way back to the Victorian era when the queens and the princesses wore such ethereal gowns. In fact, Long trains were part of men’s wear as well. In today’s time, the inspiration from Long trains can be seen in Modern bride’s outfit. However , the credit of Getting this  trend back in news goes to Priyanka Chopra and her Long train trench coat.

I must admit that this is going to be one of my favorite articles as I reclaimed my love for experimental fashion while shooting for this story. Honestly, I am a fan of wearable and comfortable fashion however I do feel that once in a while we all should experiment and wear something which is unlike you. This will not only ignite the fashion police in you but also bring back some excitement for the whole process of getting ready.

The fashionista in me got super excited as I saw Indian Movie star Priyanka Chopra making waves internationally as her longest train trench coat at met gala red carpet made heads turn. I got few sleepless nights thinking if I could ever wear such princess like dress and guess what I say, Why Not !!!

A Long Train Top would be a better option to go for Than a long train Dress. In fact, I will be showcasing three different ways in which you can carry a long train Top. It was a tough task for me to find a long train outfit and my search ended at fashion Designer Shivani Jain’s collection. Shivani runs her own label “TISHARTH by Shivani” and  Likes to play a lot with Fabrics and cuts. All her outfits have minimalist work on Beautiful silhouettes.  And yes, I got what I wanted : The long train outfit.


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